A one stop solution for mobile internet needs for Japan.

Sakura mobile delivers various solutions for you to enjoy internet during your visit in Japan.

We provide Mbps Performances. Up to 150Mbps in Metropolitan area.

English Support
English customer support is available.

Widest Coverage Area
We operate under DoCoMo network, Japan's leading network provider. 100% Population Coverage Area provided.

Simple Delivery
We deliver it to anywhere in Japan. Simply drop it into the nearest post box after use.

LTE DATA SIM for rent

From 5150 / 3GB

Use your smartphones anywhere in Japan as if you were in your homeland. A perfect match for those who are looking for the most valueable sim card solution available.
  Fast LTE Data Access.
  Unlimited Data Access.
  Japan's largest 4G LTE network.
  Comes in nano SIM with size adapter.
  No activation needed. Just set APN.
  VoIP supported.
  Starting from Jpy 5150 for 3GB + Jpy 50 per day

Service area map ( Band 1 / Band 19 )

Mobile Router for rent

  From 5300 / 3GB

Our mobile router is specially configured to fit Japanese mobile network. This is our recomended product as it performes faster and more reliable than sim cards. This happens because most foreign phones are not fully compatible to the Japanease mobile network. If you travel to areas other than metropolitan area, we strongly recommend to use our mobile router.
Mobile router connects any devices that has a WiFi capability such as iPads, iPhones, Androids and etc.

  Same features as LTE SIM
  Share internet amoung your wifi devices over 802.11b/g/n.
  Long battery life up to 8 hours
  Ready to use out of box.
  Small size. H:70mm x W:70mm x D:16mm
  Starting from Jpy 5300 for 3GB + Jpy 100 per day

Pick up and Returns

Hassle free pick up and returns

Let us know where you will pick up the device(Airport, Hotel, or Residence) during your order.
Pick up locations are : airport, hotel, and residence.
To return the product, put it in the return packet, then drop into your nearest post box also available at the airport.

Pick up at your accomodations

Pick up is available at hotel, residence, and airport.
Delivery may take up to 3 days. Please order 4 days prior to your pick up date.

*Delivery to Okinawa takes 3~6 days. please order a week before your rental start date.


You can pick it up at the airport post offices. We ship it for a flat shipping fee. No extra aiport pick up charge is imposed.
Check airport post office locations here


Product should be ready by the time you have arrived at your hotel. Please see your hotel reception desk for pick up the items.


Please check your mailbox. Products should have arrived a night before your start date.


Prepaid return envelope is included in the package.
Put everything into the return packet.
Simply, drop it into a postbox nearest to you.


You can drop them at airport post offices or airport postboxes. Please note that no post offices and postboxes are available after passport control.
Check airport postbox locations here


Drop the return envelop into any postbox nearest to you. Typical postbox are shown above.

Convinience stores:

Most Lawsons except 100 Yen Lawson shops provide an in-store postbox. Some other convinience stores offer them as well. They are usually located near registers or in storefront.

Pick up and retrun schedule

Product is delivered a night before your start date.
Drop it into postboxes before 24:00 of the end date.
(e.g. End Date is 24th = Drop it before 25th)
Please select your rental period accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start Booking Now

Please order at least 4 days prior to your start date for transit time.
No cancellation fees until 4 days before your start date.
For urgent orders, express shipping / office pick up at shinjuku is available.
Please look in shipping options category.

Note for selecting data amount : From our statistics, a person may use 100MB ~ 200MB / day.