Artistic craftsmanship of Japanese! The Oriental Carpet  

Entertain your steps with Japanese beautiful oriental carpet!!

High class Japanese carpet! which has unique production techniques invented by Japanese people!!!
Well, today let's get to know about oriental carpet together! The high class carpet of Japan from its first method of the production.

Since Showa year 10, Japanese people had learned about textiles technology which was shared across the Silk Roads. After that, they continued to develop the carpet in their own way.

Yamagata Dantsu is the company that produces hand-woven and hand-sewed carpet which handling all steps of the production process, from spinning, to dyeing, to weaving, to a variety of finishing operations within the company by using unique threads. And all steps of production process are neatly conducted with attention by experienced craftsman.

Start from Design pattern, and then select wool blended which fit to the product.
And come to the process of compounding woolen thread colors, weaving and stitching with hands. These are the processes which have to use so much time and so much patience.

It's such an amazing elaborate handwork right???!!!! 

There are many design lines such as Classical Japanese style of designs which represent its gorgeous classical design, New Classical line which able to mix and match with both Japanese style room and Western style room,  Modern line which revive you by using of 41 colors in order to represent its variegated gradation. Moreover, there also has a New Designer line which is a collaboration between Yamagata Dantsu and famous designer!

With premium quality of products, carpets made by Yamagata Dantsu can be found in a variety of important places such as Kabuki theater, main lobby, the New Japanese Imperial Palace, Ikuta Shrine and many places both in Japan and around the world.

(↑Weaving work of Kabuki theater's lobby )

These manufacturing processes are available for factory tour!!
You can feel how splendor and delicacy of Japanese technology is by observe all processes closely
These such splendid works absolutely deserve to get a lot of 'LIKE!' or 'LOVE!' on social network right??!!

・NAME:Oriental Carpet Mills, Ltd.
・ADDRESS:21 Yamanobe, Yamanobe-cho,higashi Murayama-gun, Yamagata, 990-0301, Japan
・ACCESS:From Uzen-Yamabe Station about 420m 
・FACTORY TOUR TIME:please make a resevation


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