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  • Description
    The Ono basin is surrounded by mountains. Echizen Ono Castle is categorized as Hirayamajo. This castle was built at Kameyama located in the central area of Ono City, with an elevation of about 249m(817ft). The castle town spreads out at the foot of the castle. When this castle town is wrapped up by a sea of clouds and only Kameyama seems to be floating in the air, “Echizen Ono Castle, a castle in the sky” makes its appearance.

    Echizen Ono Castle is the castle in the sky. You will find the castle town hidden below the sea of clouds. As the sea of clouds disappears, the castle town reappears. When you look at this scenery, you will feel magical as if you were wandering around ancient Ono.
  • Access
    JR Echizen Ono → Entrance of Ono Castle (on foot)


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