• Description
    Omagari Fireworks Display is the popular name for the National Fireworks Competition held annually in the sports park in the river bank of Omono River located in the Omagari district of Akita’s Daisen city on the fourth Saturday of August every year, and is regarded as not only one of Japan’s three major fireworks displays but the most prestigious one in Japan.
    It’s known for daytime fireworks display, as its organizer explains saying “It’s the only firework display that has a competition for shooting fireworks in the full light of day in Japan.” Moreover organizer-sponsored fireworks called “wide star mine”, developed in line with the year’s theme, are set off between competitions, gaining popularity every year; the members of the Omagari Fireworks Cooperative Association’s Youth’s Group spend one year working on developing the fireworks featuring a special theme for the year.
  • Access
    The JR Akita Shinkansen Line or the JR Tazawako Line to Omagari Sta.,and the walk 20 min.


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