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    Terraced rice fields are common in Japan’s mountainous countryside, where agriculture has been active for thousands of years. They are built in stair-like tiers along the slope of a mountain or a valley and are often called “Senmaida”, or thousand rice fields, because the field is divided into many small sections. Stones and mud are used to separate the sections and prevent the water from leaking out of them. Stone masonry barriers are used more often in Western Japan and mud and soil are used in Eastern Japan.
    The look of a terraced rice field changes with the seasons. In Spring, when the fields are filled with water, the glassy surface of the water reflects the sky and the surrounding scenery. Summer is a vibrant season when the rice fields and the surrounding mountains all turn green. Autumn is the harvest season when ripe golden ears of rice sway like waves in the Autumn wind. In Winter, terraced rice fields in snowy climates look completely different.
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    Togauchi a 15-minute drive from IC


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