• Description
    There is spouting hole in the north of Jodoga-hama Beach, Hiji island ward and the shore between Kyukamura Rikuchu Miyako. Bottom of rock of spouting hole becomes sea cave (cave made of erosion of wave) and leads to ground. The top surface of hole does 2.5 meters in length, spindle shape of up to 65 centimeters in width.
    When big wave rushes, we are pushed for pressure of wave, and seawater begins to blow on ground. The height of the tide to blow up has difference by the pitch of wave, but when rudely northeast wind is strong, wave reaches 30 meters and is particularly grand. In this spouting hole, scale is magnificent and it is size outstanding in the whole country and is representative. We were appointed to natural monument of country in (1939) September in 1939.
  • Access
    25 minutes by Iwate North bus from JR Yamada Line Miyako Station.
    (Kyuka village bound)
    A 20-minute walk from Shiofukiana Iriguchi.


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