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  • Description
    Tadashi was called country or with Momora palace (we will rub) with the Ryukyu kingdom's greatest wooden building and was building which was the most important as symbol to rule over ura々 of whole country 100 literally.
    As for the assuming two levels of Tadashi 3 stories and dragon pillar which became decoration, Japan and China do not have similar instance either, and it may be said that it is Ryukyu's original form.
    Wood oil is painted the coloring painting such as walls of Shurijo Castle Tadashi with. In addition, a part of the groundwork is lacquer.
  • Access
    Car:Go straight on in prefectural road Route 29, and to the Shuri area.
    Monorail:We take 《Yui rail》 from Naha-Airport Station. We get off at Shuri Station.
    Bus:Route bus leaves from Shuri Station. We get off at bus stop in front of Shurijo Castle.


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