The historical city of Yanai-Shirakabe, in Yamaguchi Prefecture, where cute goldfish paper lanterns welcome you!  

Shirakabe (white walls) is a street that preserves buildings from the Muromachi era (more than 650 years ago). When you walk on this street, it's almost as if you have time slipped. I will introduce you the Shirakabe Street in Yanai town.

  • This place's characteristic is the goldfish paper lantern

  • Here in Yanai, the Shirakabe Street is decorated with a lot of goldfish paper lanterns, giving it a very calm atmosphere that overflows with cuteness. The first thing you will notice here is this goldfish.

  • And they're everywhere!

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  • Why goldfish paper lanterns in the first place? In favor of revitalizing the town of Yanai, it started with the summer festival that used the goldfish lanterns as a motif, and then, they became the symbol of Yanai and were used as decorations.

  • [Date] 2015, August 1 (Saturday) to August 13 (Thursday)
    ※ Events are held on the 1st, 8th and 13th.
    ※ In the case of rain some events will be canceled.
    [Location] JR Yanai Station ~ Shirakabe Street area (Yanai center-Yanaitsu)
    [Transportation] 1-minute walk from JR Yanai Station.
    About 20 minutes by car from Kuga IC, Sanyo Expressway
    [Sponsored by] Yanai goldfish lantern festival Council
    [Inquiry] Yanai City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tourism Division,
    Tel 0820-22-2111

  • Of course, here as well.

  • You can observe how the stores looked like at that time

  • The Kunimori family's mansion is an important cultural property. It shows us an insight on how merchants' houses looked like at that time.

  • [Location] Yanai-shi, Yanaitsu, Kanaya 467
    [Hours] 9:00 ~ 17:00
    [Closed] On Monday, New Year holidays
    [Admission] High school students and above 200 yen, junior high school students and below 100 yen
    [Tel] 0820-22-0177

  • There's a treasure on the second floor.

  • The reception desk was ingeniously build so as to prevent theft and robbery.

  • The soy sauce butter cake, made from Yanai's special product "Kanro Shoyu", is secretely gaining popularity.

  • This butter cake that has a slight taste of soy sauce and it's so delicious you'll never get enough of it. The store's retro appearance is also nice!

  • For fans of goldfish paper lanterns

  • I have totally become a fan of the cute goldfish lanters. They are very loved as handicrafts, but you can also experience the making of goldfish lanterns in Kawamura Nobuo workshop.

  • Kawamura Nobuo workshop
    Address: 742-0022 Yanai-shi, Yanaitsu
    Furuichi 495-1
    Hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00
    TEL: 0820-22-5956
    Fee: 1,080 yen
    Regular holiday: Friday

  • How was it? The Shirakabe street in Yanai, where a lot of goldfish paper lanterns welcome you!

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