Yanagawa "Kawakudari" (going downstream)【JAPAN’S FALL FOLIAGE DESTINATION】  

Curated by :  Chiiro Nishimura

Do you know Yanagawa "Kawakudari" (going downstream)?

-Fukuoka Prefecture

The wide and narrow waterways located in Southerly Yanagawa city in Fukuoka Prefecture is the originated place of a Japanese famous poet “Kitahara Hakushu” which inspired by the atmospheric beauty of this place.

Waterways' network spans a total length of about 470km forming a unique landscape of the water district called "Suigo". With a punt tour of the waterways in Yanagawa, you can enjoy the relaxing ride and beautiful surrounding views while learning the history, and enjoying of trivia talks by the boatman.

■Yanagawa "Kawakudari" (going downstream)
■Best period
Operating Hours: 9:00-17:00 (every day) and December to February will be Kotatsu boat
Yanagawa shi, Fukuoka Prefecture
5-minute walk from Nishitetsu Train "Yanagawa Station"

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