Tokugenin Temple (Seiryuji)【JAPAN’S FALL FOLIAGE DESTINATION】  

Curated by :  Chiiro Nishimura

Do you know "Tokugenin Temple (Seiryuji)"?

-Shiga Prefecture

Enjoy the color of red leaves of the garden behind the reception hall of the temple.

This garden’s name is “Seiryo No Niwa” means “Seiryu Garden” which have been designed as the scenic spot of the prefecture.

You can enjoy the stunning views of the autumn leaves of the garden from an observatory of the reception hall which is so splendid as if it were a painting.

■Tokugenin Temple (Seiryuji)
■Best period
Mid November~early December
288 Kiyotaki, Maibara shi, Shiga Prefecture
About 25-minute walk from JR "Kashiwabara Station"

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