Welcome to the adorably lovely Bunny Cafe!  

Since last time we took you on a little excursion of the Hedgehog Cafe, this time I thought I’d write about a little bunny cafe called Ms.BUNNY. It’s located just above the Hedgehog Cafe we were in last time, just 1 minute away from the Roppongi station. They also have hedgehogs here in this cafe but the majority of the animals here are rabbits of all breeds and sizes. Similar to the flow of the Hedgehog Cafe, the staff will come around and tell you all the things to be aware of when interacting with the animals and after that you can go and pick out the bunny you want to play with. There was actually quite a variety of bunnies to choose from and as I have severe case of decidophobia it was hard just to pick one.

This little guy was drinking that water like no tomorrow! I wondered if it’s actually ok to give rabbits this much liquid but it did look very cute XD

Some of these guys are so energetic that they’re already bouncing around in their cages. This one I had was fidgeting so much on my lap that I almost dropped him xD

There are also those ones that either on a very full stomach or are just naturally lazy that they just lay completely still on your lap and do absolutely nothing, but they are still a tiny ball of fur and cuteness. Half of the shelves contain the bunnies that are their nap breaks and during that time you cannot take them out of their cages to play.

Although this one was moving around like crazy trying to get a sniff and wiff of everything in sight, I still managed to catch this really adorable close-up!

We actually went to both the Hedgehog and Bunny Cafe that day and both were equally delightful. You can try out both cafes too if you ever happen to stop by Roppongi since they’re so close together!

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