The prickliest cafe you’ve ever been to~  

With the fever of lovable, adorable animals at an all time high, animal cafes are starting to branch out in all styles and locations. Cat cafes, dog cafes, bunny cafes, snake cafes, owl cafes, and now introducing the latest addition: the hedgehog (and gecko) cafe! With animals ranging from common pets to near exotic species, theses cafes have become a must-go for both native locals and foreign visitors. Today I’m be taking you through a little tour of the hedgehog cafe.

Just a one minute walk from the Roppongi Metro station stands the wooden brown building you see below. Here you can find our hedgehog cafe “Harry” on the 2nd floor as well as a bunny cafe on the 3rd floor called “Ms.Bunny”.

As you walk up the stairs you can see these adorable clay figures of the live ones you are about to meet~

The place was quite packed as we walked into the cafe on a regular Monday. As such, I recommend calling ahead of time and making yourselves a reservation or you’ll be left to stand waiting outside for lord knows how long. After cleaning our hands with the sanitizor provided there, we took our seats as the staff at the cafe walked us through the things to be aware of when interacting and handling the animals. Then it was time to choose our preferred hedgehog, notify the staff when we were done, and the chosen critter is brought to our sitting area in a shoebox sized metal containers. When picking up the hedgehogs you’ll need to scoop them up swiftly by their stomach or you’ll be left to prick your palms consistently on their tiny thorns.

This little guy was blissfully dozing away in his/her cage~ They always sleep with their bodies curled up into a ball to project their thorns and protect themselves from predators.

Despite the fact that these little have a tendency to twitch and fidget like there’s no tomorrow, I managed to snap this really cute picture of my little guy sticking his adorable snout up at me~

But that innocent, adorable little face becomes slightly unappealing as he chomped down on the mealworm I got to feed him. He did look like he enjoyed it though.

This little guy was happily snoozing on my friend’s palm, but every little twitch was still a slightly painful prick. You really need to be constantly mindful of holding them under their stomachs at all times, which can become difficult when your hedgehog doesn’t want to cooperate. Mine was fidgeting and moving and climbing around so much that I was so paranoid that it was going to fall off me and kept making sure that I had a hand in the direction of wherever it was crawling.

Apart from hedgehogs, there are also a lot of geckos at this cafe that you can also interact with. Unlike hedgehogs, these little guys don't really move around that much so they might prove to be an easier companion for tea. Though it would seem that lots of people here are averse to any sort of reptiles and when I had a gecko brought to my seat, all the other guests around me began to scoot their chairs away from me xD to be honest I don’t see what the big deal is but if you’re interested in going in and spending time with these cold-blooded lizards, you might want to develop a mental state of not caring about the reactions of your fellow cafe visitors before you go. All in all, this is definitely a great place to chill, relax and enjoy some down time with some “exotic” animals~


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