The biggest event in Sapporo 【Sapporo Snow Festival】  

Curated by :  Yuya Hirose

The biggest event in Sapporo 【Sapporo Snow Festival】

It can be said that the Sapporo Snow Festival is the event which represents winter of Sapporo. 

And it is one of Japan's most popular winter events that always gains a lot of attention from many medias. 

Quality is definitely fantastic! as you can't believe all of them are made from pure snow!!!!

Enjoy the fascination of snow sculptures which comes with the difference themes in every year!

The quality is so fantastic!

However, the highlight of the snow festival is not just these.

The real highlights are from now on....

All the white snow sculptures looked more splendid and prominent when it were lighten up.

Even though it's cold but there were stalls for warming your body!

Projection mapping on snow! , the showpiece of Sapporo Snow Festival.

The show was so fascinating. !!

Finally with the breathtaking bird's eye view of Sapporo Snow Festival from the TV tower,

Even if it's so crowded during the event period but this is the most recommended event that worth challenging !

Venue:Odori Park, Nishi 1-chome ~  Nishi 12-chome
Event period:February 6, 2017 (Mon) ~ February 12, 2017 (Sun)
Hours: All day (light up until 22:00)


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