30 minutes from Sapporo! children's beloved [Maruyama Zoo]  

Curated by :  nitta sayaka

Sapporo is such a charming city where ones who come to visit can enjoy the lovely view of townscape, ski, snow and more.

But if you come in the term of family with your little children, it might be boring for them.

For this case, why not try to brighten them up by taking them to this place!

Just about 30 minutes from Sapporo!!

That is【Maruyama Zoo】!!!

Here we come to the entrance!!

Let's go inside!

Oh! the first member that we met! Giraffe! nice irregular spotting patterns

Next, we found mountain monkey.

When getting closer, he was grooming himself !! 

Go a bit deep inside, here we found hippopotamus!!


Lesser panda!!


What a cute little tiger ^^

Go to the deepest, it is the place where white polar bears live.!!

Even if it is a small zoo, but full of many cute and lively animals inside.

It is suitable to come for a half day tour as well. And this place will definitely not disappoint your children  :)


We are waiting for you!

Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
Miyagaoka3-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 064-0959
Access: 15min.walk from Maruyama koen Subway Sta. Exit No.3 or No.6 /
or JR Hokkaido Bus, from the bus terminal at Maruyama koen Subway Station,
take bus No.15 Dobutsuen line and get off at Dobutsuen mae

ORIGINAL ARTICLE SOURCE : www.hisgo.com/visit-japan/

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