Feel the sense of Japanese tradition just an hour from Tokyo!  

Curated by :  Yuya Hirose

When everyone think about Japan's traditional place, which place in Japan is the first place you think about?

Exactly, almost people might answer Kyoto right? !

But actually, there is one place that doesn't take long distances from Tokyo!

This kind of place where you can sense of Japanese tradition can be reached just within an hour from Tokyo. !!!

A beautiful temple stands in the midst of an ordinary residential area. The name of this temple is "Hokoku-ji" where has been known by the another name as "Bamboo Temple". Just takes about and hour by train from Tokyo to Kamakura station. And from the Kamakura station to the temple, you can walk about 30-40 minutes or you take a bus.

This is an entrance!

You will see Japanese garden right there starts from the entrance along the path to the main temple building. 

From June to July, you can enjoy the blooming of colorful hydrangeas.

The shady atmosphere inside this temple made me feel so impressed. Even it was a hot day but I felt so cool. 

Deep inside, there is a wide traditional Japanese dry landscape garden. It's unbelievable that taking just one hour from Tokyo, we can find the very traditional Japanese garden like this.!

You can enjoy walking along a beautiful bamboo grove pathway behind the main hall which is so impressing as walking in the bamboo grove pathway of Kyoto.

Actually, there are two types of entrance ticket of this temple.

If you pay more 300 Yen from the ordinary price, you will get the ticket with the green tea set.

The place where takes just a little bit time from Tokyo that you can enjoy the sense of traditional Japan along with tasting of Japanese sweets. Even coming to here is a bit complicated but it's worth to visit!

By train
■ Get off at JR Kamakura station
○ From Tokyo Station via JR Yokosuka Line direct about 60 minutes
  (about 50 minutes from Shinagawa)
○ From Shinjuku station via JR Shonan Shinjuku line direct about 53 minutes
○ From Shinjuku station via Odakyu Line limited express to Fujisawa Station
   about 60 minutes, and via Enoden about 34 minutes
■ From Kamakura station
○ Taxi about 7 minutes
○ Keihin Kyuko bus 
 Take bus bound for Kamakura Reien Shomen Mae Tachiarai ・Kanazawa Hakkei/Highland
   (bus no.23,24 or 36) about 12 minutes, get off at "Jomyoji" bus stop and walk about 3 minutes

ORIGINAL ARTICLE SOURCE : www.hisgo.com/visit-japan/

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