Approach to the gigantic mysterious facility "Seagaia" in Miyazaki  

Curated by :  Yuya Hirose

Previously when I went to Miyazaki Prefecture, while I was driving along the coastline, there was a suddenly appearing of a gigantic mysterious facility before my eyes. "What is that?" I thought.
But on the next day while I was talking with acquaintance who is Miyazaki people, "Is there anything in Miyazaki?" I asked.
"Chicken Nanban and Seagaia" he suddenly answered.

Seagaia? ? ?

With interest and want to know what it is, I tried searching. And tada! It's the same gigantic place where I saw yesterday! …
Chicken Nanban along with Seagaia, I thought that it's definitely terrific! so, this gonna be our topic today.

The official name of this facility isPhoenix Seagaia Resort】 
As we can summarize from the detail written in the site, this is the resort which consists of many accommodations inside.
First of all, let's go explore what it includes.

First one is tennis!
It is such a fine tennis court that also can be used for such as competition as well.

Wow, it is such a amazing conference room.

And another conference room that also can be used for training.

If any business uses these kinds of conference rooms, I think that business will tend to progress very well.

Riding horse

Cycling is also fun~

Feel great to draw your golf swing.

Golf courses here're pretty full of standard and challenge. And also opened for tournaments as well.
There are 3 golf clubs available here which including Phoenix Country Club, TOM WATSON Golf Course and Phoenix Golf Academy which has instructors to help guide you through golf programs even the beginners also can participate.

Moreover, you can enjoy such as an exciting live event held in summer and etc.

Able to fulfill your holiday with day spa inside the facility.

It is the best way to heal your tired body in such a hot spring or in a pool.

If you feel tried from hard traveling ...

don't worry, there are accommodations available as well. !

Lined up inside the resort for answering every of your requirements such as cottage, condo-type hotel and resort hotel.

This time, I will stay here ↓↓↓

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

It's a tropical Sense resort hotel.

The mixed style of Japanese and Western pool which lighted up gorgeously.

All of ocean-view rooms, able to enjoy the view of sunrise like this.

Fulfill the sense of resort hotel with the breakfast menus which are so fresh and colorful.

After knowing better about this gigantic mysterious Seagaia,  
this place is really full of facilities which able to do various kinds of activities.
It is the wonderful place for families and lovers to enjoy
many activities together til totally forget about the time.

By the way, meet new look of Seagaia after renewal soon. It will be opened from August 1st, 2016. !
On the 2nd floor of Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort, there will be such as a shared space "Kazemachi Terrace" for hotel's guests and reading space that provides kind of travel books for reading freely. 
And a shopping area "Ocean Resort department store" on the underground 1st floor, you can enjoy shopping and feel excited with the new look of the entire renewal.
Moreover, more than 90% of guest rooms have been renovated into new look. And there is a special lounge available for premium club-floor guests with the width of 43m² where you can enjoy light food, beverage, bakery and stunning view of the ocean.
Don't miss these all at Seagaia !!!

Click here for details ↓↓↓

Phoenix Seagaia Resort
Hamayama Yamasaki-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture 〒880-8545
TEL:0985-21-1111 (main switchboard)


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