Hokkaido Summer - Sapporo~ Part 2  

Curated by :  Annie Zhong

As mentioned in part 1, this is the last chapter of the Hokkaido summer series where I take you through the second half of my final day in Hokkaido in the city of Sapporo. In this final reminiscence of my trip down memory lane, I’ll be taking you around the Sapporo beer factory/museum (at least the outside of it), the Sapporo government building as well as to the Sapporo TV tower for some beautiful night lights! Ready or not, here we go!

After begrudgingly leaving the Shiroikoibito Park, we headed towards the Sapporo beer museum. As one of the most famous things to come out of Hokkaido, the Sapporo beer brand is known to the world as a signature taste of Japanese alcohol. Although none of my friends and I were drinkers, we still heard good things about this place and decided to pay it a visit. Unbeknownst to us, the museum decided to close that day for some reason we have still yet to discover, so the only thing we could do was to linger around its premises and take pictures of the random “exhibitions” that were stationed around the outside of the building. Granted, there was very little, but still enough for us to imagine what sort of things would have been inside the actual museum.


I think that this was some sort of old distillery that they kept for display purposes. I was very tempted to open up that hatch and stick my head in to see what I would find...


Personally, I thought that the building itself looked almost like it could have been some sort of military building back in the early 1900s, but more than likely it was due to the red star that could be seen all over the place. Also something about the brick building just gave me an overwhelming sense of discipline and rigidness. Not exactly the image that a beer factory would be going for, but I guess back in the days they had a very different perspective of what was rigid...and as we couldn’t get inside I can’t tell you whether the inside is just as regulated too but from what I’ve seen from the museums I’ve been to in Japan I have a sneaking suspicion that it would be just like if not more than on the inside...


As we couldn’t venture into the actual museum we settled for the next best thing: the souvenir shop. Apparently the beer brand, like almost all major brands that aren’t business oriented, has a mascot, or a “Yurukyara” as the Japanese calls them, to represent their image. Tons of goods such as keychains, straps, handkerchiefs, and whatever random products they can come up with are made based on these yurukyaras and sometimes they turn out cute, sometimes not so much. I’ll let you be the judge of that in this case.


After that slightly disappointing trip, we headed over to the actual building of the old Sapporo beer factory. The buildings have been preserved and now serves as a rather retro shopping mall for people who wants to shop in style but still enjoy the nostalgic feel of good old-fashioned brick buildings.


Inside the buildings we found a pretty well equipped Ghibli store with an adorable store setting that we spent about half an hour looking around and taking turns taking pictures with some of the available “props”. It really does help to be traveling with people with similar tastes and interests since you won’t have to worry about getting into an argument of wanting to spend 30+mins taking pictures with a fake tree surrounded by Ghibli goods XD


After we had our fill of the Ghibli photoshoot, we went to have a quick look at the Sapporo government house. Apparently it’s a pretty well-known building in Sapporo due to its western style design. It was pretty dark once we got there but we still managed to get a pretty nice view of it before moving onto our final destination in Sapporo.


The Sapporo TV tower was built in the late 1950s and is still the major TV station of the city. With much similarities to the Tokyo Tower (in shape at least), the tower also provides an observation deck for visitors to overlook the city. We went up after it was completely dark and were able to get some really cool night view shots!



The mascot for the Sapporo TV Tower is suppose to be a red pepper I think (because the color of structure) and like all other touristic destinations in Japan, they also had a ton of mascot related merch they were selling the souvenir store. I settled with taking a photo with a giant statue of the pepper with a black board attached to it on which you can write whatever you want as a reminder of your visit there till the next person comes along and erases the trace of your existence...yes, it was all very deep…


And finally, to put an end to our excessively long day, we went for dinner around the Susukino area which is kind of like the Kabukicho of Tokyo. It’s the biggest entertainment (red light) district in Japan north of Tokyo and there were a lot of fancy suited guys out on the streets trying to hustle girls walking by into their bars and shops.


We found one of our favourite chain curry places and went in for some Hokkaido special “soup” curry. Apparently it was quite a common thing in the Hokkaido prefecture and although I was very iffy at first, it turned out to be surprisingly delicious! This will definitely be something I will be looking forward to the next time I take a trip up there! XD


And thus concludes our Hokkaido Summer series!!! Thank you to everyone for taking this trip with me down memory lane and stay tuned for more updates on other awesome travel destinations in this beautiful country!~ :)

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