Ride Kotatsu Boat along Geibikei Gorge limited available in winter only!  

Geibikei Gorge cruise

In 1925, Geibikei is the first valley in the prefecture that was selected as a national scenic beauty. Through 2km-long valley with cliffs on both sides reaching over 50 meters and strange-looking rocks as well as waterfalls.

And the best way to enjoy splendid views here is cruising! 
It's not a furious cruising tour with the harsh flowing of water. But the flow is very calm, flow slowly through the both sides of cliffs by a rowing of a boatman.

This time, I'd like to introduce you about Geibikei cruising which is very special and limited only in winter!
Why it's special?
Cause from December to February, they will use special boats called “kotatsu-bune (kotatsu-boat)” !!

Kotatsu boat, it has an image like keeping warm in the house but able to enjoy the view of Geibikei from inside the boat as well.!
Flow slowly as the blowing of the wind, Kotatsu.
At first glance, it might has a terribly cold image of Geibikei in winter. But all of boat's body is firmly covered with transparent vinyl that you don't need to worry about coldness but able to freely enjoy the splendid view from every sides of the boat.
At the center of the boat, there is also a low urethane table with heater stretches along the length of the boat that you can enjoy a hot Nabe dish and other luxury foods while sailing.

Please make a reservation of meals in advance.
For set menu, there will be local Sake "Hisen" served with the set. If there is snow, you will be served with "Yukimi Sake".
Enjoy the view of snow while having Nabe or hot stew and drinking Sake, that's really perfect!
About Nabe, you will be served with “Kinagashi Nabe (Japanese hot stew)” (a dish in which vegetables, chicken and pork are cooked in a miso-based soup) which is a local specialty Nabe of Iwate!

Why called "Kinagashi"?
Around the Geibikei was once a treasure trove of precious woods, such as pine.
People who cut down the tree, put it on the raft and flowed it along the river so, called it as "Kinagashi" which means "Tree Flow".
And since they've used Kinagashi as the component of the Nabe pot, so it's been called as "Kinagashi Nabe" since then.
And become a traditional meal until nowadays.

Although you can enjoy the view of Geibikei in all 4 seasons but Kotatsu boats are available in winter period only! Why not let's try this Kotatsu boat in this winter?

CONTACT:Genbi Sightseeing Center
ADDRESS:467 Nagasaka Azamachi, Higashiyama-cho, Ichinoseki, Iwate
REGULAR HOLIDAY:No ※There's might be cancelled due to terrible weather
ACCESS:From JR Ichinoseki station, change the train to JR Ofunato line to Geibikei Station and walk about 5 mins/
From Tohoku Expressway Ichinoseki IC (from East prefectural road No.19 Ichinoseki - Daito line) about 30 mins
PARKING:Around the dock(Fee 500 Yen, and there are free parking lots as well)

ORIGINAL ARTICLE SOURCE : www.hisgo.com/visit-japan/

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