Autumn leaves in Akiu  

Northeast of Japan is  rich in nature. When it's in autumn a lot of trees will turn into red which is  a very scenic view.
Moreover it's really good to access from central Northeast. And 1 of the 3 famous waterfalls of Japan "Autumn Leaves of Akiu" located here. There are several attractions in Akiu especially in autumn which always gotten attention from many visitors that come to enjoy splendid red leaves here. And this time, I will introduce you special spots among them that you should not miss. Let's check it out!

Popular spot that many people come to visit when come to Akiu「Akiu Great Falls」

It is 55 meters height and 6 meters width waterfalls with much water fall down swiftly. And also listed as one of the three major waterfalls in Japan.

You can climb down the mountain road to get close to the basin of the waterfalls. Not only you can experience the powerful of the falls but you can enjoy the colorful of autumn leaves around which turning red, vermilion and some are yellow.
This place is a famous spot which rich in negative ions that you can take much relaxing while you are here.
Address:Babaotaki, Akiu machi, Taihaku Ku, Sendai
Tel:022-398-2323(Akiu Onsen tourist information center)
Access: ●From JR Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool Platform No. 8,
take bus bound for Akiu-Onsen about 90 mins and get off at Akiu-Otaki *Only Saturday,
Sunday and national holiday  
      ●From JR Senzan Line Ayashi Station, take a bus bound for Futakuchi about 40 mins
and get off at Akiu-Otaki * weekdays and Sat(2 times a day) Holiday(1 time a day)

Gorge of Akiu「Rairai-kyo Gorge」&「Rairai-kyo Gorge's Momiji alley」

Rairai-kyo Gorge is about 1 km long, and more than 20 meters deep. This 20 meter deep valley goes on for approximately a kilometer, centering on the Nozokibashi Bridge at the gateway of the Akiu Hot Springs which also has promenade. And in autumn, road for strolling around Akiu Sato Center will be lighten up splendidly. 

Illuminated lights which spread out create such a fantastic scenery.
When facing the winter, it will become a little cold but there're footbaths nearby that will help you warm your body from your feet.

Address:40-7 Teradahara, Yumoto, Akiu-machi, Taihaku-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 982-0241, Japan
Place:Akiu Sato Center【Rairai-kyo Gorge's Momiji alley】
Holding period:October 22~November 13
Footbath:operate everyday 11:00~19:30
Admission fee:Free

It takes just 3 minutes walk from Akiu Sato Center along Nozokibashi Bridge to the entrance area of Rairai-kyo Gorge.
Nozokibashi Bridge is an arched bridge with the length of 32m, width of 6m and height of 16m.

And there! "the heart-shaped" which originated by subsidence of rock. If look at the heart-shape from the Nozokibashi, said that it may bring you a happiness.

Hidden attractions! Another autumn colors light up spot "Akiu Night at the Museum"

You can enjoy nature throughout four seasons at the back of dynamic Akiu stone cliff, the hidden attraction of Akiu Onsen.
Appreciate till it touch your heart's content with the mysterious night of the garden features its path around a pond, enjoy the atmosphere which totally different from the daytime while warming your feet in the footbath. It's such a wonderful moment!

The charm of the light up of this place is flashing the light at the area not at the trees.
You can surprisingly enjoy with the changing of lights that flash on the area with blue and change into pink and many colors.

Footbath is in the pavilion with roof so, you can relax and enjoy the light up without worry about rain. 
But wet by a little rain and enjoy the autumn leaves are so fantastic!

Address:10 Yumoto Genbehara, Akiu-machi, Taihaku Ku, Sendai, Miyagi 982-0241
Place:Tenshukaku Shizen Park(Cafe Rocher)
Open:17:00~21:00(last order at 20:30)
Holding period:October 22~November 13
Admission fee:Adult(junior high school students up)450Yen・Child(4 years old up)100Yen
    Footbath of the park is available for free of charge.

From Sendai Station, it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes by Miyagi Kotsu Bus to Akiu.
If you stay in the facilities in Akiu Onsen, there are shuttle bus(confirmation required) operate running from Sendai station to Akiu Onsen directly about 40 minutes.
It's not only the shade of autumn leaves in Akui that you can enjoy but there are many things and spots in Akiu that're waiting for you to have fun and experience such as a big waterfall, fantastic light up, Onsen, footbath and ect.

The fantastic experience that you should not miss! Enjoy the autumn color of the mountain, relax your body and mind in Onsen, appreciate with a romantic atmosphere of autumn light up at night. Wowww how great it is!!!


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