This is a photo of which era? 'Ouchijuku' the season-change village  

Popular sight-seeing "Ouchijuku"

Question! Which era that you think this time-slip photo of streetscape is in?

Actually, it's a recent photo!!! In Japan, thatched roof houses like this still exist.!!!!

Here is a popular sight-seeing called "Ouchijuku" in Fukushima Prefecture.
In one year, there are more than a million travelers come to visit this place. And Ouchijuku always get attention from TVs,
magazines or many media a lot.This time, we will show you the charm of 4 seasons in Ouchijuku!

Ouchijuku is the village that was one of the post towns established under the post station system during the Edo Period more than about 400 years ago. And the important road that used to run through this village was called Aizu Nishi Kaido Route.This road was so prosperous and was frequented by lords, many Daimyo(Japanese feudal lord) and many travelers due to it was a main route for the periodic move by daimyo between Edo and their domains, and for the transportation of rice to Edo. 

The scenery unchanged of Ouchijuku since the Edo Period, actually this village has been selected and well-preserved as an important traditional architectures preservation district since 1981.

Gourmet food available here only that you've might never tasted before

Houses which lined up neatly along the road are now used as souvenir stores and local cuisine restaurants. Among all of them, there is soba restaurant called「NEGISOBA」which is very famous in fantastic taste.

This is NEGISOBA with a green onion put on the top to make fresh to this menu. 
Chopsticks。。。not be found。。。What should we do?
While I was chewing this green onion, I used it as chopsticks already lol , it's a specialty of this restaurant !!

The point is that we shouldn't chew our green onion too much in order to remain it for scoop soba in the bowl.
It is a dynamic which makes NEGISOBA get popular and often be sold out.
And you can also find many interesting local food along the way such as grilled Iwana(Charr), Misomochi and etc.
Enjoy eating and shopping while enjoying the scenery as if you slipped time to Edo era is really fun right? !!!

The most charming thing of Ouchijuku is the changing of scenery in 4 seasons

from spring to summer

Nearly Cherry Blossom season and fresh verdure in summer which are conspicuous highlights of Ouchijuku.

Autumn leaves

The splendid back view behind trees which leaves turning red, it's such a terrific view of Ouchijuku!!

The greatest charm of Ouchijuku is in winter!

Ouchijuku in winter has been named as 「The Exactly Beauty of Japan」!!!
Thatched roof houses covered by white snow, it must be the dream scenery which everyone imagine about Japan right?
Since Spring to Winter, you will see now that the scenery in Ouchijuku are totally different and have specific charm in its own season cause these are the most charming highlight of Ouchijuku which we'd like you to come and experience it by yourself!.

Moreover, there is a snow festival in winter which is very popular among travelers.

It is normally held on the second Saturday and Sunday of February every year!

You will be welcomed with snow-hut lanterns which made from snow in the evening when this snow festival start performing.
The snow-hut lanterns will be lighted up, and this town will be covered with the reflection of gently light on the snow around.
No word can explain this amazing view!!!! 

More enchanted with fireworks shooting. It's a perfect collaboration!!! snowy thatched roof houses, snowy town and fireworks which make fantastic nights in Ouchijuku that you can't find at any other places!

Ouchijuku is very popular even among Japanese people!
There are 4 seasons in Japan, so there are various ways to enjoy sight-seeing in each season as well. 
Ouchijuku is not just for a one-time visit, whenever the season change, it's possible to visit again for enjoying the different scenery and different feeling!

Please come and visit Ouchijuku the Edo village still alive !!!! 

・ADDRESS:Shimogo-machi, Minami-Aizu-gun, Fukushima
・TEL:0241-68-3611(Ouchijuku Tourist Bureau)
・ACCESS:The nearest station is Yunokami-Onsen station on the Aizu Railroad
      From Yunokami-Onsen Station by taxi about 10 minutes、
      by bus(April~November)Yunokami Onsen-Ouchijuku about once per hour(reservation required)


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