Today,we would like to present you ‘HOTEL MONTEREY SENDAI’ the famous hotel which is located at the hub of Northeast tourism area of Japan. That is ‘SENDAI’ !!

The gateway to Miyagi prefecture… From Sendai station at the West exit, head towards South around 3 minutes, you will find cream-colored building stands charmingly in front of you. That means ‘Here we are HOTEL MONTEREY SENDAI !!!

Elegant Style Interior

If you’d like us to give one word on Hotel Monterey Sendai, we can say ‘Europe’!!. With the interior concept style of Prague, many antique furnitures have been applied to furnish hallways, elevators and many parts of the building.


Here we come to the guest room part of the hotel. there are various types of guest rooms here which are furnished with different types of flooring materials as well as elegant styles of furnishing. So you can spend your private luxury times as if you spending times traveling abroad!.


Spa which you can enjoy the wealthy nature views of Sendai

Sky spa(SARATERENA) at the rooftop of the hotel is one of the most appropriate way to revive both your mind and your body from tiredness during the hard day of traveling. There is a large public bath area which you can totally enjoy the wealthy nature views of Sendai or enter natural onsen bath for relaxing your mind and body. Moreover, there is hotel's spa lougue here which offer comfortable sofas, tables and drinks. So, you can use this lougue either for enjoying the scenery views of Sendai while having drinks or enjoying watch television on sofas relaxedly with the entry fee only 1,000 Yen.


Variety of Buffet Menus

Hotel's restaurant offers many variety kinds of breakfast menus both Japanese food and European food in buffet style. Menus are changed daily but still remain of local simple menus which have good taste and edible.This restaurant opens from 07:00 a.m.~09:30 a.m.(last order time at 09:00 a.m.).


Local Guide

Hotel is surrounded by many restaurants, food shops and Izakaya shops(Japanese style pub). So, it`s not difficult for you to find some good places for dinner or for chilling out at night after check-in!. And if you`d like to go for shopping in downtown, you can take a taxi from the hotel to downtown as well. It takes just only in 10 minutes!.

Sendai Station which take about 3 minutes walk from the hotel is the biggest terminal station in this Northeast. So, There are many kinds of buses provide services at the bus stops in front of the station such as City bus, Sendai Loople bus, bus to Miyagi prefecture and Rapid bus to everywhere in Northeast of Japan. All in one place, here!!. So, we can say that HOTEL MONTEREY SENDAI is absolutely truely located at the hub of Northeast tourism!!!

Sightseeing Attractions

Zuihoden Mausoleum ・・・ From Sendai Station: take Loople Sendai bus about 15 minutes and get off at station no.4 "Sendai Zuihoden Mea"/ or take taxi about 15 minutes

Oosaki Hachimangu ・・・ From Sendai Station: take city bus about 15 minutes or take Loople Sendai bus and get off at station "Oosaki Hachimangu Mae" / Or take JR Senzan Line from Sendai Station and get off at Kunumi Station(15 minutes 200 Yen) and walk about 15 minutes

Matsushima ・・・ Take JR Senzan Line from Sendai Station about 25 minutes and get off at Matsushimakaigan


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