Kyoto Station, the entrance to the ancient capital  

Curated by :  Yuya Hirose

If we talk about Kyoto, definitely we will think about old cultural cityscape.

But at Kyoto station, the gateway to Kyoto, what a modern !!!!! 

It was opened to the public in 1997 and stands in perfect contrast to many foreign tourists' image of Kyoto as the capital of traditional Japan.

The appearance outside still doesn't show the 100% of modern, let's move inside, it's modern more than this ! ! ! ! ! !

First of all, the surprising hall !!!

The station's large main hall with its exposed steel beamed roof, called "the Matrix", is meant to reflect both the structure of the station and the grid like layout of Kyoto's street network which makes a modernized look to this hall not less than the outside.


The first one: Kyoto Ramen Alley! ! !

You can find 8 of famous Ramen shops are gathered together here such as from the North:Hokkaido, the South: Fukuoka and from all around Japan. And there is beef Ramen menu available as well, please don't miss !!!

The second one: don't worry if you forgot buying souvenir cause here is "Souvenir Alley Kyoko Machi"

One-stop souvenir allay which assembled up to 17 of souvenir stores together at the same floor.
So, when I go to Kyoto, I always list all needed souvenirs and buy all of them here at last.

And the third one: Skyway! ! !

The recommended one !

Climbed the stairs as if it will be never end(actually you can use escalator lol), finally i arrived at the sky plaza. And we can enjoy the Skyway from here. It starts from the restaurant floor on the 11th floor of the station building. The Skyway tunnel allows visitors to walk the length of Kyoto Station, 45 meters above the central hall. 

This skywalk is often used as an observation deck. You can see Kyoto Tower and the city from here.
View from here is so splendid!!

This is a picture of the sky plaza that we were there a while ago. I took it from the Skyway!
Actually, this great stairway is always lighten up in the evening as you can see Japanese letters on it. 

At last, the nightview of Kyoto.

Due to a small number of towers and skyscrapers in Kyoto so, at the skyway of Kyoto station, you can overlook all of the Kyoto town which is such a wonderful view especially at night. Everyone! when you come to Kyoto station, don't miss to 120% enjoy Kyoto station like me! 

Kyoto Ramen Alley
Kyoto station building 10F (South side stairway)
OPEN 11:00~22:00 (last order 21:30)
Souvenir Alley Kyoko Machi
Kyoto station building 1F, B1F
OPEN 8:30~20:00


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