A Fashionable Harbor, Yokohama Minatomirai  

Curated by :  ryuta kitagawa

Here I come to Yokohama Minatomirai, which is famous as a fashionable harbor!

This city is easy to access, because it is only less than 1 hour from the middle of Tokyo.

Now let’s go and see sightseeing spots together!

We will first visit,

“Red Brick Warehouse”

Red Brick Warehouse

Since its construction in 1859, it has always been in Minatomirai.

There are numerous shops and restaurants inside the building.

Also, at the event field you can enjoy various events whole year.


Access Information:

-       15 min by tramway from JR/city subway “Sakuragi-cho” station

-       15 min walk from JR/city subway “Kannai” station

-       6 min walk from Minatomirai line “Basyamichi” station or “Nihon Odori” station

-       12 min walk from Minatomirai line “Minatomirai” station

Next, we are at…

“Rinkai Park”

Rinkai Park

From the vast lawn, you can see the skyscrapers of Minatomirai and curved waterside.

Many people come here to forget their daily life.

After sunset, this place becomes a nice place to see the night sight, and gives you another impression.

Rinkai Park at night

Access information:

-       5 min walk from Minatomirai line “Minatomirai” station

-       10 min walk from Minatomirai line “Shin Takashimaya” station

-       15 min walk from JR Keihin Touhoku Negishi line “Sakuragicho” station

If you feel like staying in Yokohama even after sunset,

I will recommend this hotel whose name is…

“Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel”


Outside of the hotel

This hotel is inspired by a sailboat on the sea, and you can see a beautiful sight from every room.

How about spending a night in this hotel?

City view from deluxe double room (city side)

Night view from City View Room

Access information:

- 5 min walk from Minatomirai line “Minatomirai” station



There’s a goddess statue “Michibiki” on the top of the hotel, which is said to realize your dream.

In case you rest at “Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel”, you should make a wish! Maybe it’ll be true!? All for now, see you!

ORIGINAL ARTICLE SOURCE : www.hisgo.com/visit-japan/

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