Okinawa local food and traditional dance at "Kokusai street Yatai-mura" Okinawa!  

Curated by :  Natsuko

Kokusai street Yatai-mura 

New spot opened in June, 2015 at the center of Naha Kokusai Street. "Kokusai street Yatai-mura" is lined up stalls where you can enjoy Okinawa soul food and culture. Unique stalls lined more than 20 stores using the Okinawa Prefecture ingredients. Attractive part of it is that you can taste a variety of Japanese food not only Okinawa cuisine but also sushi and tempura, deep-fried skewers. 

In the special stage, there are traditional dances will be held from the mainland of Okinawa and remote island. And other entertainments to enjoy.


There is a Rito(Isolated island) Marche next to the Kokusai street Yatai-mura. You can order an tour to isolated island, and purchase unique island speciality products and some snacks and drinks at cafe to relax. 

This is the reception of the isolated island tour company!  Come stop by to get some advise for your trip. 

This map below will help you to reach Kokusai street Yatai-mura & Rito (Isolated island) Marche.

*The red sign is the Kokusai street Yatai-mura & Rito Marche. 
牧志駅・・Makishi station
国際通り・・Kokusai street
牧志交番・・Makishi Police box
グランドオリオン通り・・ Grand Orion street 

At Last...

When you travel, enjoying local food and local entertainmentit is one of fun.

Kokusai street Yatai-mura is where you can enjoy both! When you plan to visit Okinawa, why don't you stop by to enjoy this new spot.

Kokusai street Yatai-mura
3-11-16,17 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa
4 minutes walk from Makishi station of Yui rail


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