Why Don't We Look for "Southern Cross" in Haimurubushi?  

Curated by :  Natsuko

Beautiful starry sky and relaxing Haimurubushi time will be very memorable for your trip.

Haimurubushi ”Southern Cross”

In Haimurubushi park, it is the best view from the beach terrace facing the south side. It is possible to see just over the Kuroshima. In mid-December, you can see it right before the sun rises,and in early June, you can enjoy right after the sun goes down.

Open beach terrace 

Very popular view point from this terrace in all Haimurubushi. 

Located in the warm Yaeyama islands area among Okinawa.The hotel is very wide, there are various things to make you stay enjoyable. There is a hot springs, and you can enjoy a slow Okinawa resort stay. 

You can see starry sky and the Milky Way from the beach of Haimurubushi!

You can see Iriomote Island from Outlook public bath.

While enjoying spa treatment in Panari Spa, you can watch Kuroshima and beautiful ocean.

A large banyan tree in the park.

2930 Kohama, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa 
tell +81-980-85-3111
▼Hotel information 
Free Wifi available at all rooms and lobby
Language: English / Chinese / Korean
Banquet hall: Restaurant charter need to negotiate
Number of rooms: 138
Group reservations: Available
Vegetarian meal: Negotiable
From Ishigaki airport to Ishigaki port terminal takes 10 minutes by car. Then, take a high speed boat to Kohama port, takes about 25 minutes. From Kohama port, take free shuttle bus to the hotel, takes about 5 minutes.


Haimurubushi offers not only the beautiful starry sky, but also beach activities, tourism plan, nature experience, sports, yoga, spa and more various services are there. Why don't you go to the tropical paradise for relaxing? 

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