2 selections of recommended temples of Kyoto that can enjoy even a rainy day  

Have you ever experienced that your feeling does not clear by unfortunate weather in spite of a precious trip so far?

This time, I will introduce 2 recommended temples which I want you to go on a rainy day.

1.Obakusan Mampuku-ji

Obakusan Mampuku-ji was founded in 1661 by Zen master INGEN Ryuki(Yinyuan Longqi), China and it is the temple where a characteristic of China was emphasized.

This temple is in Uji and it is 2 stations from the nearest station of the world heritage "Uji Byodo-in Temple".

16 buildings of "Mampuku-ji" and 7 buildings of "Mampuku-ji, Shoin-do" are designated as important cultural properties.

The arrangement of temple buildings and the culture of Mampuku-ji are a Ming styles of China, and it is said to have affected the overall culture of the Edo after a Zen master INGEN came.

Because there are many points with the roof even if it is rainy, it can walk around slowly and it is recommended.

Golden Hotei sits down to Tenno-den. Potbelly, big bag, happy-looking face.

It is said that it is an incarnation of Mikurobosatsu as the Maitreya-bodhisattva in China and a god of matchmaking.

It is one of "Miyako Shichifukujin" as Seven Deities of Good Fortune in Kyoto. 

<"Miyako shichifukujin" are stamp places for pilgrims to visit seven deities of good fortune, which consist of seven temples and shrines in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.>

In from the beginning of June to August with many rainy days, the lotus is in full bloom, too.

The morning of the rainy day with a few people  is the best timing to visit, and it is the most suitable place to spend quiet time.

■Name of place
 Obakuzan Mampuku-ji
 It is a 5 minutes walk from JR Nara Line "Obaku Station".
 It is a 5 minutes walk from Keihan Uji Line "Obaku Station".
■Admission fee
 Adult(Universal student, High school student) 500 yen
 Junior high student or primary schoolchild 300 yen
 Adult 450 yen
 Universal student, High school student 300 yen
 Junior high student 250 yen
 Primary schoolchild 200 yen
■Parking lot
 Common car(sedan) 500 yen for the first 90 minutes, 200 yen per 30 minutes excess
 Bus 2,000 yen *daylong


Renge-ji which features various stone construction products and a beautiful garden with trees and a pond is the temple which was loved by masters of tea ceremony who are in Sakyo-ku Kyoto of the Shiga side.

Especially a characteristic stone lantern called "Renge-ji gata toro" was loved by masters of tea ceremony in Edo era, and it is said the garden was used as the tea ceremony.

I think to visit to there is nice in the season of colored leaves, and I reccommend to visit in the beginning of June and to see "ao-momiji(blue maple)" before turning red.

Because there are not many people in a rainy day, the sound of rain and the sound with swing of leaves will direct a space of non-daily life.

The garden see from the porch is nice also, and it will be to let you forget time.

There is the good point of the fine day on the day when it was fine, but I recommend the spot that can enjoy rain and a rainy sound.

By the way, a guest house operator resident in Kyoto let me know it as a little-known spot.

Please visit here if you were tired with a many tourists in Kyoto.

■Name of place
 Renge-ji (another name : Rakuhoku Renge-ji)
 It is a 10 minutes walk from Eizan Electric Railway "Miyakehachiman Station".
 It is a 1 minute walk from Kyoto Bus "Kambashi".
■Admission fee
 Adult 400 yen
 Junior high student and under free
■Parking lot
 For 6 cars as privately-owned car size

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