Enjoy Japanese Stall! Locals love this Hand-made Gyoza Restaurant.  

Hand-made Gyoza restaurant Benriyaiurinron

'Sakaemachi-market' that was built at the time of reconstruction after the war. 
Daytime is the market but... it becomes a bar street at the night!
Sakaemachi-market is a little far from Kokusai-dori, it is full by local people.
"Benriyaiurinron" locates in the Sakaemachi-market. It is a popular Chinese restaurant there.
You can see a long line after PM6:30. 

What a long line at PM 6:30 ! 

You can enjoy shopping even in a rainy day because Sakaemachi-market is a shopping arcade.

Please be careful not to get lost because this market is complicated like a maze ! 

Dine at the table of the market !  

Market during the day time becomes open-air stall during the night, so you dine at the table of the market.

You can enjoy the dine there!

Don't worry to eat a meal alone! Because many people stop by alone after work.

Handmade dumplings are very popular. 

Handmade dumplings are ¥500!

Canned beer ¥300~, Draft beer ¥500~, Awamori (Strong Okinawan traditional liquor distilled from rice or millet) ¥500~ etc...

Many Okinawa people loves these. These are affordable prices.

You must drink "Orion beer" which is Okinawa local specialty!

I strongly recommend hand made dumplings than any other product like a "Genkotsu Chu-Chu" that suck the liquid in the bone of the pork  through a straw. 

Hand-made Gyoza restaurant  Benriyaiurinron 

388 Asato, Naha-shi, Okinawa 
Business hours
PM 6:00-PM 11:00(Closing on Sunday) 
Get off at Asato station on Yuirail and walk about 2 minutes (About 130m) 

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