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General Inquiry

When should I place an order?
Delivery takes up to 4 days. Please order 4 days before your arrival date.
Is expedite shipping available?
Yes, we accept expedite orders. Same day shipping is available before 1pm. please place order here. It is normally delivered within 1 or 2 days.
Any paperwork required?
No paper work is involved. Please read and accept our Terms of Service.
Are there any stores or counters available?
No, we don't have any stores currently. Support is provided by email and emergency hotline.
How will I know if my order has been placed?
You will receive a confirmation email titled as "Booking Receipt For 20YY/MM/DD" with your invoice included..
I did not receive any notification for my order. What happened to my order?
Once we recieve your order, our system will send an confirmation email automatically.
The confirmation email may be considered as junk. Please check your Junk folder.
Your order won't be recognized by our system until you make a payment. Please complete booking if you didn't do so.

If you find none of the above applies, please contact us for confirmation.
Can I extend my rental? If so, what are the extra charges
You can extend your rental if we have available inventory.
Please contact us before your contract termination date. The rental charge will be calculated based on the rate of the original contract if you contacted us before the termination date. Extensions without notice will not be permitted. It will be regarded as late or loss.
I want to cancel order.
Please send us a request here.
You may recieve a full refund if you notify us 4 days earlier than rental start date.

LTE Data SIM Card

Is my device compatible with your SIM card?
Our SIM card is compatible with most 3G enabled devices.
Band frequency requirements are 2100Mhz(band1) or 800Mhz(band19).
Please refer compatibilities list for details.
How do I know if my phone is unlocked or sim-free?
Please contact your mobile service providers.
Is activation required for the SIM card?
No, our SIM card is pre-activated and ready for use out of box.
What SIM sizes are available?
Only Nano size is available. We inclulde a set of SIM size adapter in the package so that you can switch it to any size.
Can I use the same SIM card in diffent devices?
Yes, as long as the devices are compatible and compliant, you may install the SIM card to any devices.
Is there any settings required to use the SIM card?
You need to do APN settings. Please refer to APN Setup.
Also, instruction is included in the product package.
How do I set APN on my device?
Please refer to APN Setup page.
Instruction is included in the product package.
Can I make or receive phone calls?
No, this is data only service. Please use VoIP applications
Can I use VoIP apps? e.g. Skyple
Yes, VoIP applications are supported. Examples of supported applications are Skype, Line, Viber, and KakaoTalk.
Can I use iMessage or SMS?
SMS is functionally available in order to improve signal reception; however, we do not support iMessage and SMS
Please do not send SMS or Any SMSs sent are charged as 100jpy / message. If you want to use iMessage, please turn off "send as SMS" option from settings - message.

Can I use MMS?
No, MMS is not supported.
Can I use tethering feature (Personal Hotspot) on my device?
Please refer Compatibility List
iOS Personal Hotspot feature is not supported. We recommend our mobile router if you plan to share internet connections.
Can it be used outside of Japan?
No, it is not usable outside Japan.

Mobile router

What devices are compatible?
Computers, smartphones, or any other devices equipped with 2.4Ghz WiFi.
Can I use VoIP apps? e.g. Skype
Yes. Skype, Line, Viber, and KakaoTalk are supported.
How many devices can connect simultaneously?
Up to 10 devices are supported.
How long does the battery last?
It lasts up 6 hours of internet use, and 120 hours of stand-by time.
How do I recharge the device?
It's chargable via micro USB. The package includes a micro USB cable and an AC adapter.
any settings required?
No, it is ready to use out of box. You just need turn wifi on and connect to the mobile router over wifi. Instruction is included in the product package.
Do I have to insert or setup SIM card to the mobile router?
No, we have done all settings before shipment. It is ready to use out of box.
Can I use the routers's SIM card with my phone?
No, in order to avoid breakdowns, you are not allowed to take out sim card from the Mobile router.
Can I rent for a Single day?
Minimum rental period is 3 days.
You wil be charged for 3 days rental period regardless of weather you used it for a single day.
Can it be used outside of Japan?
No, it is not usable outside of Japan.

Pickup & Return

Do you ship overseas?
No, we do not ship to overseas.
Do you deliver to a residences in Japan?
Yes, we do.
Is expedite shipping available?
Yes, Same day shipping is available before 1pm. Please inquery expedite order here. It is normally delivered within 1 or 2 days.
I want to change the shipping address.
You may change the shipping address if your order hasn't shipped yet.
Please send us a request here.
Can I forward my package to other places?
Once the product is shipped, we can not forward it to different places.
When will my order be delivered to my point of pickup?
The product will be delivered the day before your pickup date.
Is there any extra charge for airport pickup?
No. We deliver to airports for a flat rate shipping fee 890JPY.
Do you deliver to Hokkaido and Okinawa?
Yes, we deliver to Hokkaido and Okinawa without extra handling fees.
Delivry to Okinawa takes 3~6 days, please check out a week before your start date.
What do I need in order to pick it up at the airport?
Your passport is required.
Also, recipient name and name on your passport need to be matched.
By when do I have to return the package
Please drop it in a postbox no later than midnight on your return date.
Is it easy to find a postbox?
Yes, it is. There are many postboxes in Japan.
For instance, there is one on the corner of the street, at some convenience stores or at major airports.
You can also ask at the reception to return it if you are staying at a hotel.
Is the SIM card disposable?
No. It is a rental product. You are required to return the package. Any damage or Loss to the SIM card will be charged.
I lost return envelop. How should I return it?
Please see Loss And Damages Section below.

Purchase & Payment

I do not have a PayPal account. Can I still make a payment?
You can use your credit card.
Do you accept cash on delivery?
We currently provide cash on delivery as a testing option.
Option is available at post office pick up only.
Please include CoD options in your order.
I wasn't able to use the device. Is it refundable?
For product malfunctioning, we provide refunds. For product incompatibility, we do not provide refunds.

Customer Support

Are there any stores or counters available?
No, we do not have any stores or counters.
Do you have a phone number?
Yes, an emergency phone number is provided in the user guide included in the product package.
Please call the number in the case of emergency only so that our phone line won't be overwhelmed.

Loss and Damage

I lost the return envelop. How should I return it?
You can purchase the return envelop at any post office.
Please ask for letter pack light (レターパックライト)
Its price is 360 jpy.
You may request assistance at your hotel receptions
Return Address is as described below.

N30th floor 3-7-1 Nishi Shinjuku,
Please contact us and let us know the incident as well.
I lost the device or parts (anything else other than return envelop such as mobile router / SIM Card / Cable etc...)
Please contact us immediately.
How much is compensation if I lose/break devices.
Compensations are: Mobile Router: JPY 20,000
SIM card: JPY 5,000
AC adapter: JPY 2,000
USB cable: JPY 1,000
Portable case: JPY 1,000
Extra portable battery: JPY 5,000
You may use your credit card insurance for the damage.
Please let us know if you need us to file documents for your insurances.
The device is damaged or has missing parts.
Please contact us immediately.