Night tour in Sapporo, enjoy the night views in winter!  

Curated by :  Yuya Hirose

I know there might be sometimes we arrive at the destination at night due to the plane schedule.

If finally you arrived at Sapporo, why not start the activity from that day? Even it's night already.

Coldness of Hokkaido's night in winter which able to freeze you anytime might make you feel wanna withdrawal.

But in winter, the weather is so clear and the night view is so splendid!

So, we will start our trip suddenly! , and head to the hotel later. ! ! !

First of all, due to the coldness of Hokkaido, we should start with eating hot Ramen! Yummy yummy !

While belly is still bulging, let's go to the pleasure quarters of Hokkaido!

Full of liveliness which really crowded.

It’s impossible to take tour around this neighborhood within just one night. Well, we will back here again!

Now we've come to Odori park.

It's a place where Autumn Festival in autumn, Snow festival in winter and many events are always held here. 

By the way, don't misunderstand that the tower in the picture above is Tokyo Tower. Actually, It's Sapporo TV Tower. Lol

While I was on the way to Sapporo station, here's the appearance of Former Hokkaido Government Office! which lighten up beautifully creates romantic atmosphere to this place a lot. !

Arrived at Sapporo station!

There is a modern building there!

So, let's go explore!

T38 Observation Deck at the top of the JR Tower building!

It is a little-known good spot because there are few people here!

Scenery viewing from here is really cool and impressive.

Since there’re not many high buildings in Sapporo, it’s really great that we can look out over the places from many miles away.

Next, let’s move on to a bit far place . . .

Take subway, bus and ropeway about 45 minutes.


Here we come to Moiwa Yama Observatory!

With serene atmosphere like this, we could see many beautiful stars vivid shining in the sky.

See! What a beautiful view!

It seems like this town was decorated with exquisitely enchased jewels.


How was it?

If you can’t make a time on your first date, it’s okay to enjoy these beautiful scenery on the last date as well. !

There are many charms in Sapporo waiting for you to come to explore.

Don’t miss to make some good memories in Sapporo!


Sapporo Mt.Moiwa

Summer season: 4/1~11/20  10:30~22:00 ((last ascent 21:30)

Winter season: 12/1~3/31  11:00~22:00 ((last ascent 21:30)

12/31  New Year's Eve  11:00~17:00 ((last ascent 16:30)

1/1  New Year's Day (special service for welcoming of first sunrise of New Year's Day)  

          5:00~17:00 ((last ascent 16:30)

※Nov. 21~Nov.30 Closed for maintenance


■ Moiwa Sanroku station (Mt. Moiwa Base Station) →Moiwa chufuku station→

Moiwa Sancho station(observatory) Ropeway + Morris car  

Price set 

Round trip: Adult 1,700 Yen 

		Child(elementary school student or below)850 Yen

One way trip: Adult 900 Yen 

		Child(elementary school student or below)450 Yen

■ Moiwa Sanroku station → Moiwa chufuku station Ropeway


Round trip: Adult 1,100 Yen 

		Child(elementary school student or below)550 Yen

One way trip: Adult 600 Yen 

		Child(elementary school student or below)300 Yen

■ Moiwa chufuku station→Moiwa Sancho station(observatory) Morris car 


Round trip: Adult 600 Yen 

		Child(elementary school student or below)300 Yen

One way trip: Adult 300 Yen 

		Child(elementary school student or below)150 Yen

★Deal Price★

【Birthday discount】

Just show the identification of your birthdate at the ticket selling counter,

Ropeway + Morris car(round trip)ticket, free for birthday owner,

Companion Adult 1,000 Yen/Child 500 Yen


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