Curated by :  MIKU KANESIHRO

Would you like to visit AMAGASAKI in HYOGO after enjoying a travel of KYOTO and OSAKA?

Probably you have the image of AMAGASAKI in an industrial city, actually AMAGASAKI had flourished as AMAGASAKI castle town in the Edo Period.It has still remains of old houses along the street and buildings.

Today we will suggest you a way of enjoying AMAGASAKI in a little different way.

That is a tour of NINJA!!

In commemoration of 100th anniversary of the municipal system of AMAGASAKI City, at this moment Stamp Rally to image of NINTAMA has been held because AMAKO SOBE, author of this manga, was born in AMAGASAKI. 

Let’s apply for NINJA at city hall and start mission! 

This is Stamp Spot

    SHIOE    Susanoo-Shrine

    TANO    Tano Museum

    KEMA      Kema Otomo Tofu Shop

    TOMATSU  Tomatsu-Shrine

    KUKUCHI Chikamatsu Memorial Hall

    TUUGIYA   Kanzaki Water Purifying Plant

    TACHIBANA Tachibana Post Office

    INADETA Inadera Station

    TAKETA Hanshin Deyashiki Statio

    HATSUSHIMA LOWSON Amagasaki Minami Hatsushima

All spot associated with character who appear in NINTAMA

For example, at Susanoo-Shrine in Shioe SAISEN BAKO(offertory-box) is installed to image of character.

You will be able see Rose Garden along the way.

And also through this NINJA tour, you could go the circuit of out-of-the-way spot in AMAGASAKI

In addition you could get special card to collect all stamps, so please let’s try!

In the evening , please chill out at Takeyaso-inn.

Takeya is also character that appear in NINTAMA. NINJA finished their missions often gather Takeyaso-Inn.

It is built on a back alley, north side of Hanshin Deyashiki Station, and an old established Inn which has a history of 700 years.

The taste of old Japanese style house built for 80 years remains, let you feel atmosphere of Showa retro.

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