I tried getting a 148cm tall girl to eat weird stuff  

"There's this restaurant that serves food that's delicious but kind of unusual, do you wanna go there with me? I think you'll really like it, Haruka-chan!"

She's 148cm tall. The lovely Haruka-chan - at a glance, you could be fooled into thinking she's a junior high school student. "Yes, let's go!" she replied, with an innocent smile. I'm sure the fashionable and cute Haruka-chan has already been to all of the charming and cool restaurants... with that in mind, I decided to take her to a restaurant that serves somewhat unusual food.

  • First, some cute snake sake (habushu)

    Both the exterior and interior of this restaurant look suspicious, and though she might suspect that something is up, here's Haruka-chan looking like she's enjoying herself.

    Haruka-chan suddenly tried to order a cassis orange so I held up a hand to stop her, and said to the waiter "The usual, please."

    "Huh?! Why?!"

    "It's fine, don't worry..."

    I tried to withstand her repeated questioning, and a few minutes later the thing that arrived at our table was...!!

    "I didn't know it'd have a snake in it! Ishigami-san, you're so mean!" she said, so I ended up having to drink it...

    I can't really explain how it tasted, but I felt an energy surging up inside me.

  • Beautiful goat sashimi

    Tokyo Hotel
    source : www.yunphoto.net

    She looked like she was ready to cry, but the food that I'd ordered just kept on coming. When I told her "Actually, this restaurant serves weird food", she replied "How could you... you tricked me, didn't you..." As I tried to tell her "No no, I didn't tr..." our goat sashimi arrived!

    When you hear about goat sashimi, you might feel like it's not the kind of thing you'd like to eat, but it was really delicious. A smile was also slowly making its way back on to Haruka-chan's face.

  • What a delicacy - goat testicles

    While we enjoyed a little friendly chat, the next item turned up.

    "It's goat testicles♪"


    ...her face froze.

    Haruka-chan seemed to really enjoy eating the goat testicles. While seeing her like that, I kind of felt a sharp pain in a certain area...

  • Full of larvae, full of dreams

    Tokyo Hotel
    source :blogs.yahoo.co

    The next item to make its appearance was hornet larvae. Haruka-chan grew up in the city, and it seemed like the thought of eating larvae had never crossed her mind.

    But even when confronted by larvae, her smile exceeded my expectations! Munching away at them like that, it looked like she was really enjoying herself (haha).

  • American bullfrog, you can see its patterned skin perfectly

    Next up, the skin of an American bullfrog, the kind that you hear mooing away alongside rivers in the summer, fried until crispy. As the pattern on its skin was clearly visible, the frogginess of it was overwhelming...

  • Last but not least, everyone's favorite bear hot pot

    Tokyo Hotel
    source : ja.wikipedia.org

    Last up, a hot pot made from Haruka-chan's favorite, bears! As I hesitated, saying "We're gonna eat... bears..." Haruka-chan glanced at me and said "Bears are cute, aren't they!", as she dug into her bear hot pot with a beaming smile on her face...

    Kome to Circus (meaning "Rice and Circus")

    2-19-8, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo

    Around a 3 minute walk from Takadanobaba Station on the JR Yamanote Line.

    hp : miyashitakikaku.com/store/komecircus

    tel : 03-5155-9317


    Open every day of the year

  • Lastly

    I brought Haruka-chan along with me thinking that I'd get her shrieking and squealing, but it seems that I'm the one that took the most damage. I didn't manage to show her even a tiny bit of my manly side... Where on earth is tiny Haruka-chan hiding all of that courage? I wanna leave her speechless, so next time I think I'll take her somewhere that serves even grosser food!

    Don't miss my next attempt!

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